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How to Prepare for your Session

To get the most from your Session at The Massage Clinic, here are a few tips:

Be comfortable: Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your session. That way when you leave you will continue the feeling of relaxation!

Ask questions/make suggestions: We want everyone to feel like they have had an active role in their session. So please feel free to speak up!

Ask a question about what technique the therapist is using. Let them know when it feels like the muscle is loosening, that way it can be noted for future sessions.

Let them know if the pressure needs to be adjusted.

  • If an area is painful while the therapist is working, please let them know so they can adjust the pressure. You don't have to be in pain to acheive maximum results.
  • Muscles that are very tight may respond better if the pressure is increased gradually. When you communicate that you would like more pressure to your therapist, they may increase it incrementally until the desired pressure is acheived. 

Don't anticipate: During your session, the therapist may do some passive stretching or tractioning of the arms and legs.

  • For these techniques to get the optimum results, it is best that you remain relaxed and allow the therapist to maneuver the area.
  • The same applies for draping. In order to make sure the draping is secured and in the proper place, the therapist will frequently pick up the leg or arm and tuck the sheet underneath, using the weight of the limb to keep it from slipping. It is best to remain relaxed to ensure the therapist has the drape in the perfect place. 

Homecare: Your therapist will give you water right after the session. This is a good start to flushing out the system, and they will encourage you to take in more over the next few hours. 

Frequently your therapist will recommend a specific stretch, or set of stretches that you can do at home to help target problem areas.


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